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Book cover - "Live Where the Imagination Is"

I'm happy to share that my artwork "Feelings and reason" became a cover of a poetry book "Live Where the Imagination Is" by a talented award-winning poet Gabriel Wu from Hong-Kong.

Dr. Wu received his PhD degree in Chinese literature from the University of Washington at Seattle. He taught at the National University of Singapore before joining City University of Hong Kong in December 2006. An academician as well as a creative writer, he is the author of Narration Proves Existence: Deliberation on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, and six books of poetry and fiction. His specialization in modern and contemporary literature can also be seen in his two edited books: Spiritual China: Literary Quest in the Post-1976 Era and Contemporary Literature and Humanist Ecology, and his serving as the editorial board member of Journal of Chinese Literary Studies, subject specialist for the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), and reviewer of overseas and local academic journals. He won several prestigious literary awards including the Singapore Literature Prize (2010), Singapore Young Artist Award (1998) and ASEAN Young Artist Award (1993). He was constantly invited as judge for Singapore literary awards.


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