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Exhibition "Imperfectly Perfect", Farkash Gallery, Old Jaffa

Opening: March 8th at 11:00, 2019

Closing: April 14th

Location: Old Jaffa, Farkash Galler, Mazal Dagim 5

"I admire the words of director Andrei Tarkovsky, who said that the meaning of life is the quest for spiritual perfection. But there is one major question; What is per- fection? What perfection deserves to be aspired to? How to be perfect if life creates cracks in the human soul and heart? The Japanese have the “Kintsugi” reconstruction of a broken object, while emphasizing the cracks. Thus the imperfections become the power, beauty and integrity of the object. This perception of perfection is very close to my heart. In my works you will find elements related to the philosophy of perfection of imperfection"...

This is an exhibition of 6 international female artists "Imperfectly perfect" (or "Perfectly Imperfect|), where I'm happy to participate.

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