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Mad World - solo exhibition

Mad World - solo exhibition

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Mad World - solo exhibition video art

If you feel that the world around you has gone crazy - everything is fine with you. If you feel that everything is normal or even great, you are absolutely insane.

Israel's Photography Convention 2014

My lecture at the biggest event of photography - Israel's Photography Convention in at Israeli Opera in Tel-Aviv in front of 1,500 people (Hebrew).


Exhibition "Forever and the Earth"
Moscow 2013

Solo exhibition in Moscow! "Forever and the Earth"
Location: S.T. Konenkov Museum-Studio, Moscow
Duration: 22/02 - 25/03/2013

Exhibition "Point of branching. Fragility. Objective reality"
St. Petersburg 2012

Days of Israeli art and culture in St. Petersburg - this exhibition is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birthday of Marc Chagall.
“The worlds of surreal beauty and symbolism are presented in the unusual exhibition of known photo-artists from Israel and St. Petersburg - Dina Bova, Bogdan Zwir and Nathan Bar.
This exhibition is a collaboration between the Omanoot-Russia project and Molbert gallery at St. Petersburg.

Short video from opening is here

Exibition "Israeli Magical Realism"
Moscow 2011

"Eshkol: Modern Israeli and Jewish Culture in Russia," presents the digital art exhibition "Israeli Magical Realism" to familiarize young, intellectual Russia with contemporary Israeli culture. It hosts the Russian debut of 120 pieces by three Israeli photographers — Dina Bova, Katerina Lomonosov and Hugo Romano — whose work in various genres strives to create a new reality where everyday life becomes a medium for magic, surrealistic paradoxes, the grotesque and the absurd.

Exibition "Art Confession - Golden city" Germany 2013

A documentary piece "Golden city" - about the exhibition in Germany where I took part together with artists from Art-confession union at autumn 2013.

Many thanks to Vladimir Gilchenok and Naum Dorman (narrated in Russian with German subtitles)

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