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My vision


    Where is the line between truth and falsehood? Between illusion and reality?

There’s a famous phrase: "Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures"...


    We often consider documentary photography as something that reflects reality. This reality seems convincing and truthful; however, the camera lens can easily become kind of a keyhole, which shows a fragment of someone’s life completely out of its context.  And when we see only a small part of the truth, we naturally try to fill the gaps and build a complete picture ourselves. But the resultant image can be an illusion very far from reality.

Fiction, if it’s a result of rigorous analysis and deep emotional process, doesn’t reflect the reality as we know it, yet conveys a deep, accurate and true message. Therefore, a fictional artwork may carry more truth than documentary work. Fiction is the basis of fables, parables and allegories. Until today, we see that the language of Aesop's parables is the most powerful tool that conveys a message about a certain truth.


   Truthful fiction is the basis of my creative style. My works are often provocative and at the same time dramatic. Each is an original story, a parable, a personal philosophy about the world, as well as a strong emotional outburst and imaginative insight. I draw my inspiration from many sources, such as allegories, parables and Bible texts. I use allegories as a way to express my understanding of the modern world and talk about what's really important to me today, some tough existential questions: Who are we? What is beauty? How do we preserve our uniqueness? - There are no definitive and clear-cut answers or ready-made recipes. These are the questions to which everyone has to find his own answers.


About me


I was born in Moscow and came to Israel with my parents at the age of 13. Since then, Israel is my home.

I started from classic photography during my travels around the world in 2007. In my early photographs I tried to “seize the moment” in someone’s life and document the events in the surrounding world.  But, at some point I felt constrained by classic photography and turned my camera from the outside world to the inner world. I started creating my own world of subjective reality with my camera and computer.   Today, my artworks are far from classic photography and remind paintings of Renaissance period and at the same time neo-surrealism. 

Since 2008 I participate in various art exhibitions and photography contests.To date, over 100 of my works were awarded with over 400 prizes in 26 countries, such as: Grand-Prix in “Nikon International Photo Contest 2013” - out of 100000 entries from 153 countries, Smithsonian contest 2014 – Finalist from over 50000 entries from 132 countries, Grand-Prix in “PWP - Professional Women Photographers 2012”, New-York, finalist in Hasselblad Masters 2011 in category “up and coming” and many other awards.


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