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Artworks presentations with music

Mad World - solo exhibition

Mad World - solo exhibition

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Mad World - solo exhibition video art

If you feel that the world around you has gone crazy - everything is fine with you. If you feel that everything is normal or even great, you are absolutely insane.

Music by Gleb Kolyadin.

Melting Clocks - It's About Time

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"... (Ecclesiastes 3.1)
Thoughts about the concept of time with va composer/guitarist
Yossi Sassi

Three Women - Three Worlds
Dina Bova

First part of the video presentation based on the content of the photo-art exhibition "Three Women - Three Worlds"

Music: "How is your life today", by Porcupine Tree from album "Lightbulb sun" - Steven Wilson

Seal of Solomon - The New Beginning

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth"... (Genesis 1.1)

This video-art is a part of the "Seal of Solomon" music disc with the musicians: the singer Shlomit Levi and RebbeSoul (Bruce Burger) a great fusion of Jewish Yemenite music and Rock with new-age harmonies, and visual artist Dina Bova.
Music: RebbeSoul


Private Investigations

Compilation by Kırmızı Tramvay

Music: Dire Straits-Private Investigations

TRI_EST  exhibition Artworks show

Artworks from TRI_EST photography exhibition in Italy, presented by DayDreaming Magazine, where I was published in past.

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