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Solo exhibition "Mad World"

Welcome to my solo exhibition at our new gallery BoHouse.

Opening: Saturday, January 21th, 17:00 -20:00

Closure: April 15th, 20:00

Possible to visit every day 11:00 - 20:00 by contacting us ahead - 052-5092193 - Gadi

I've named this exhibition "Mad World".

There is a phrase that I really like - If you feel that the world around you has gone crazy - everything is fine with you. If you feel that everything is normal or even great, you are absolutely insane.

I feel like the world has gone crazy.

World pandemic. War in Ukraine. Collective madness. Intolerable cruelty and indifference. People are thrown from one extreme to another. They either believe everything or they believe nothing. The world has polarized and there are no longer gray areas.

What is my new exhibition about?

As always, it's about everything that worries me.

About war. About terrible premonitions that have come true.

About totalerance and totalitarianism.

About good and evil. About physical and emotional abuse.

About naivete. About naked kings and naive thinkers.

About personal loneliness and collective madness.

About the callousness of ones and the compassion of others.

The exhibition presents my artworks in combination with the music of virtuoso pianist and composer Gleb Kolyadin. Each picture is accompanied by QR code with a link to a musical piece that corresponds to the mood of the picture.


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